Our Club


Sky Warriors

Sky Warriors started as a group of young players playing cricket socially. As the interest of the members grew and number of people wanting to play cricket increased, it was decided to form a club under the name of Sky Warriors in 2009. Sky Warriors was formally registered as a club in September 2011.

Sky Warriors’ goal is to make sure equal opportunity is given to all on and off the field, and we pride ourselves on making sure every member is as welcome as the next and each has a voice along with equal playing time. We push each other to the limits and make sure we extract the highest performance be it a professional game or a friendly game amongst ourselves.


The club functions under a certain system and all aspects of the club follow that system. No one is above the system, so basically regardless of your identity in the club, rules are not bent for anyone.


We currently have 300 active members including 119 women and due to each and every one of us and more importantly the board, the club is taking huge strides in creating its name and place in Hong Kong.


A person is eligible to apply for the membership of Sky Warriors Club, if the following criterias are met.

  • A person of Indian Origin.
  • Holding Hong Kong Identity Card.
  • Attained Age of 14 years.


  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Principles


Term Committee Members (5 years term)
  • Parin Shah -Sundiam (HK) Ltd. (Director)
  • Shrutej Shah -Seven Star HK Ltd. (Director)
Annual Committee Members (1 year term)
  • Dhwanil Shah -Ankit Gems HK Ltd. (Director)
  • Nimit Shah -Star Diam Limited. (Director)
  • Hemal Jhaveri -Risingstar Far East Ltd. (Director)
  • Setu Morakhia -Kama Diamond Limited. (Director)
  • Sunil Shah -Apex Diamonds Limited. (Director)