Men’s Badminton

Men's BadmintonMen's Badminton

“I would say that it is the explosiveness that I possess in my game. Like a crouching tiger waiting to pounce on it preys.”

-Lee Chong Wei

“I was mesmerized. Until then my game was mostly defensive but after I saw him play, I became more of an attacking player.”

-Prakash Padukone

“I love winning more than I love playing badminton. Winning is everything.”

-Saina Nehwal


  • The Club started activities in badminton way back in May 2014. Today we are very happy as it has become the most active
    sports of the club.

  • The rigor of badminton related activities have increased and badminton is now played thrice a week and we have witnessed
    the zeal of the members. The club has hired a coach and have already conducted coaching sessions for the participants.

  • The club organises regular tournaments to the extent of organising multiple tournaments in a year. The spirit of the members coupled with the efforts of the club has enabled in the participation in Inter club.