“Cricket was my reason for living”

-Harold Larwood

This was a sentiment seconded by many, especially from India, where cricket has become more than a sport, it is life form and an art expressive of one and all. This passion and love for the game has been spread across the world where Indians of all ages and from all walks of life put their differences apart and take to the cricket field.

Sky Warriors is one such club that started life in 2009 due to the hard work of some founding members and the nudge given to them by individuals interested in playing some friendly cricket with the hope of it developing into a professional club and members of official body. Upon inception we had 27 members all of whom found themselves migrating to Hong Kong.

The club motto was to play and enjoy the beautiful game of cricket and do so on a consistent basis.Every friendly game is played in the right spirit yet with the passion and vigor of a professional league match. Discipline is a must and the rules and regulations of the game of cricket are strictly followed. Punctuality, efficiency and commitment are key ingredients in driving Sky Warriors.

Sky Warriors’ goal is to make sure equal opportunity is given to all on and off the field, and we pride ourselves on making sure every member is as welcome as the next and each has a voice along with equal playing time. We push each other to the limits and make sure we extract the highest performance be it a professional game or a friendly game amongst ourselves.