Sky Warriors Cricket Championship

Sponsored By

Twinkle Diam (HK) Ltd.

Event Date

Sat, Dec 16, 2017 To Sun, Dec 17, 2017


50 Overs & Summer 8


Nforce Stadium , Guangzhou

Sky Warriors Cricket Championship

Twinkle Diam Hong Kong Limited
Sky Warriors Cricket Championship 2017 ( SWCC )
Date – 16th December
Day – Saturday
Venue – Tai O , Lantau Island
This day is not about top order batsman getting to bat more and some being left out doing nothing.
This day is for cricket with equal opportunities to all. We play Summer 8 format in which everyone
has to compulsorily bowl and each pair gets to bat 2 overs. There is no retirement, no getting out
and only negative runs for each wicket. Thus, we invite all SW members to participate in this event
with all the enthusiasm.

Thank You Mr. Anuj Adani of Twinkle Diam Hong Kong Limited for your generous support and
making this event possible.

Sponsored By :Twinkle Diam (HK) Ltd.